Beatles’ Everyday Chemistry, a mashed up album?

Everyday Chemistry, a review of the songs of the parallel universe album.

April-2014 update: Please scroll down to the comments area to read the visitors’ awesome contributions with more identified songs!

A couple of days ago I got a link recommendation from a friend suggesting me to read the history of James Richards, a guy who supposedly had an incredible experience traveling to a parallel world to ours and then discovering that in that ‘parallel world’ The Beatles never broke up. Even John and George are alive and rockin’ on. If you are interested in reading the history, which in my opinion if not true, the guy only needs a gentle dose of space cakes to create a Hollywood-esque movie script, anyway read it here.

To this, dozens of bloggers, critics and mainly Beatles hardcore connoisseurs have summed up giving their sharply bladed word, for instance you can find Bungallow Bill’s post ‘Everyday Chemistry Beatles Hoax: The unreleased Beatles’ album? Review’ or Nick Spacek’s post on Pitch Music Blog.

Well, this post is not to discuss the validity of that history, even though is 99.9% hard to believe to be truth.
What I’m proposing here is to break-up each of the songs of the Everyday Chemistry album, which is clearly a mash up of Beatles soloist’s career. Although is not an official album, I have to recognize that I’m starting to like this mash-up, specially the second track ‘Talking To Myself’.

By now I just can recall a few soloist songs that I identify by hear, but I’ll updated when I’m done reviewing my Beatles library or with your comments, we can work it out together though!

1. Four Guys
Lennon interviewed, Anthology DVD
Band On The Run, McCartney
When We Was Fab, Harrison
I’m Moving On (riff), Lennon

2. Talking To Myself
“I’m Loosing You”, Lennon
“Stuck In A Cloud”, Harrison
“Uncle Albert-Admiral Halsey”, McCartney

3. Anybody Else …my favorite by the way, and I really like it hehe!
“Somedays”, McCartney
“One Day (At A Time)”, Lennon

4. Sick To Death
“Gimmie Some Truth”, Lennon
All By Myself, Ringo Starr
“Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)”, Harrison *
“Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”, Harrison *
Some brass still unidentified *

5. Jenn
Jet, McCartney
Hard Times, Ringo Starr *
Dialogue from ‘A Toot and a Snore in ’74′, Lennon*
And another unidentified Guitar Riff *

6. I’m Just Sitting Here
Give Me Love, Harrison
Watching The Wheels, Lennon
I Feel Fine, The Beatles (alike guitar riff)?
The title comes from the lyrics of Watching The Wheels as well

7. Soldier Boy
Listen To What The Man Said, McCartney
Isolation, Lennon

8. Over The Ocean
You Are Here, Lennon, J. (Album: Mind Games)
Title also taken from “You Are Here” lyrics

9. Days Like These
Nobody Told Me (riff), Lennon
Soft-Hearted Hana, Harrison *
Nobody Told Me, Lennon *
Take It Away, McCartney??

10. Saturday Night
Cold Turkey, Lennon
Vatican Blues, Harrison

11. Mr Gators Swamp Jamboree
Flying, The Beatles (Album: Magical Mistery Tour)?
Mommy Miss America, McCartney, P.


39 thoughts on “Beatles’ Everyday Chemistry, a mashed up album?

    • Perhaps the Sting/Police song that people think they’re hearing is “Murder By Numbers” by The Police from 1983? Parts sound similar, but it’s doubtful that there was any sampling involved. Clearly, Ringo’s vocal needs to be credited, though.

  1. I’ve just updated a couple of songs, I’ve been listening to McCartney’s discography and found a couple of tracks… I am also amazed of how good is the McCartney’s RAM album.

  2. Well if you’ll forgive the late reply, I’ve taken a look and can contribute this;

    Sick to Death –
    Lennon, Gimme Some Truth
    Starr, All By Myself
    Harrison, Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
    Harrison, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
    Some brass still unidentified

    Jenn –
    McCartney, Jet
    Starr, Hard Times
    Lennon, Dialogue from ‘A Toot and a Snore in ’74’
    And another unidentified Guitar Riff

    Days Like These –
    Harrison, Soft-Hearted Hana
    Lennon, Nobody Told Me
    I can’t hear anything else in that mix, but I might be wrong

  3. Hey Joe

    Oddly I noticed that you stopped posting to your blog a month before you updated this post and left the reply comment to John… so maybe you’d be interested in another update…

    I’m Just Sitting Here contains Paul McCartney’s “Call Me Back Again”…. which is really interesting considering “Im Just Sitting Here” is in 4/4 and “Call Me Back Again” is in 6/8

    …great post, even if this is late… i’m surprised I missed it the first time though…

  4. “Over The Ocean” also includes bits from “I Dig Love” (and maybe another song) from George Harrison, as well as drums from Ringo’s “Back Off Boogaloo”, and piano from a contemporary McCartney tune that I can’t identify right now.

  5. Anybody Else
    Somedays (McCartney)
    One day At A Time (Lennon)
    Monkey See Monkey Do (Starr)

    Over The Ocean
    You Are Here (Lennon)
    Back Off Boogaloo (Starr)
    I Dig Love (Harrison)
    Marwa Blues (Guitar Riffs, Harrison)

  6. Over The Ocean
    Heather (McCartney – Piano and chorus, Driving Rain)
    You Are Here (Lennon – Anthology version)
    Back Off Boogaloo (Starr – Drum roll)
    I Dig Love ( Harrison)
    Marwa Blues (Harrison)

    Anybody Else
    Monkey See Monkey Do (Starr – Piano riff & “every night etc.”)
    Somedays (McCartney)
    One Day At A Time (Lennon – Anthology)

    Sick To Death
    Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Harrison – Brainwashed)
    Gimme Some Truth (Lennon)
    All By Myself (Starr)

    Jet (McCartney)
    Hard Times (Starr)
    Teardrops (Harrison)

    I’m Just Sitting Here
    Give Me Love (Harrison)
    Call Me Back Again (McCartney)
    Watching The Wheels (Lennon)
    And a Ringo song that I can’t recognize

  7. I agree Anybody Else is my favorite too!
    And yeah, I thought the music sounded weird, mash-up makes so much more since, but Sick To Death almost sounds like a real song, this guy was very talented for it being the 80s.

    • Great that you like that song too! I love it! However, I’m sure Everyday Chemistry was made by someone around the time it went viral (2009), using some sort of looping software like Ableton Live or Pro Tools. You can hear it in the kind of “DJ like” effects used. Even on page, this guy “James Richards” says that on Sept. 9, 2009 he experienced something that he is still having troubles believing happened to him… Greets!

  8. The track I’m Just Sitting Here also has Ringo’s song Loser’s Lounge from the album Beaucoups Of Blues.

  9. a question if its a fake would not be part of others songs because in the other dimension they were alive and and this universe are separeted the solo are the complement for a real song thats my opinion but it seems a great album and its just to great for a fan its just to many hard work and all the datails this guy has to be to talented for make a disk just like you call mash up sorry for the languaje im mexican and i am doing my best here love the place and the discovery for the clues

  10. #6 I am Just Sitting Here also has guitar riffs and some lyrics from George’s song My Sweet Lord. I thought I heard some What is Life in there also.

  11. The beginning of “Jenn” is from John Lennon’s “God Save Oz” and a small part in “Mr Gator’s Swamp Jamobree” is from John’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

  12. Part of “Mr Gator’s Swamp Jamboree” is found in Ringo Starr’s “$15 Draw” on his second solo album, Beaucoups of Blues

  13. If the beatles never broke up, their creativity would have been the same, that’s why the songs sound so similar to their solo albums that we have in our universe. 😉

    • True, but there would be some sort of difference. I mean, a duet or something on at least some of the songs, right? John and George singing “Jet” er, “Jen” for instance. None of this is in this album. It’s all snippets from solo albums.

  14. One might think the Beatles (even in an alternate universe) could afford to have the album decently mastered. The mix is horrible.

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